Top Crypto Picks for Christmas: Ethereum (ETH), ApeCoin (APE) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

As the cryptocurrency market’s capitalization rises beyond $1 trillion, new and exciting initiatives arise in the industry. Orbeon Protocol, a project with a new use case, has had investor interest from its presale stage onward, with expected profits of 60x.

Orbeon Protocol is currently in phase 3of its presale and already seeing massive price gains of 805% so far. Other, more established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and ApeCoin (APE) are also doing great.

Let’s examine why the three coins continue attracting investor attention.

ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin serves the purpose of regulating the APE ecosystem by Yuga Labs. Because of the hype about NFTs and Web3, ApeCoin gained a lot of investor interest in March 2022.

ApeCoin increased in value by 2,800% in the first few hours after its release. ApeCoin’s current market worth is $1 billion. ApeCoin holders can take a part in premium games, events, products, the metaverse, and official ApeCoin swag.

Given the growing interest in NFTs and associated cryptocurrencies, ApeCoin is definitely a good crypto pick for December.

Ethereum (ETH)

Being the first cryptocurrency to use smart contracts, Ethereum’s shortcomings in scalability, security, and environmental impact have inspired a good number of imitators.

The latest Ethereum merge, however, which saw Ethereum transition from a PoW consensus to a PoS consensus, is expected to boost Ethereum’s performance and value.

In addition to reducing its environmental effect by as much as 99.5 percent, this improvement also offers faster transaction times and reduced prices.

Although the current transaction rate for Ethereum is just 30 TPS, the improvement will eventually allow for rates of up to 100,000 TPS. If this were implemented, it might compete with payment systems like Visa and Mastercard, which have a limit of 65,000 TPS.

These speeds may seem out of reach but can be achieved with constant improvements being made to the Ethereum network. Nevertheless, Ethereum (ETH) now trades at values that suggest it is among the best cryptocurrencies to purchase this Christmas.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol is a blockchain-based crowdfunding and VC platform. The protocol coordinates fundraising rounds for firms and startups by facilitating their access to a worldwide network of interested investors.

Orbeon Protocol is a unique approach since it gives everyone equal access to lucrative investment possibilities. Startups can use NFT-as-a-service (NFTaas) to fundraise, allowing anyone to invest as little as $1 in the equity-based NFTs of pre-approved startups.

ORBN is the ideal cryptocurrency to invest in because of the protocol’s many useful features. As the Orbeon Protocol’s native token, ORBN is the driving force behind all financial and incentive functions on the platform.

Holders of ORBN have access to benefits such as staking, discounts, cashback, and key voting and governance rights. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, holders will be the first to purchase new items like Winner Circle and participate in the expanding metaverse.

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