[RUMOR] GTA 6 Hacker/Leaker Allegedly Arrested; Multiple Users May Have Been Involved

GTA 6 will eventually be a reality, and we all know it. However, the game hasn’t even gotten any official trailers yet. That, however, hasn’t stopped people from leaking gameplay videos or elements of the next big Rockstar game to the internet for all to see. It’s actually about those leaks that there’s a bit of a rumor that has to be looked into.

Thankfully, the source code was not one of the leaks that have happened over the past few days. The second that gets out, though, the cheaters can come in droves and circumvent any preventative measures Rockstar can put in place, potentially ruining online (under the safe assumption GTA 6 ships with online play).

As for the leaks themselves, Rockstar published a statement about these leaks, and if you head over to SteamDB, you can see that Rockstar has since performed some security updates to some of their titles, including Grand Theft Auto V. This could be what Rockstar meant when they said that they’ve taken steps to isolate the problem.

The hacker in question? The one that began leaking everything? Well, we have information on that. An arrest was made yesterday evening, and that person was identified as being from Oxfordshire, over in England.

BBC initially reported this, and currently, the hacker remains in custody, at least according to what the police have said. Sometime later, it appears the hacker was identified (as seen on Twitter) as part of the Lapsus$ group, who reportedly met via Telegram channels. This person, unfortunately, may not be the only one.

The GTA forums have confirmed that multiple users controlled the account. Over at the forums, this could be shown via this post, with various conclusions drawn about the GTA 6 leaker, including the above. Moreover, Matthew Keys has confirmed that while the 17-year-old suspect remains in custody, the investigation is still open and additional suspects may be identified & arrested in the coming days.

This story is currently still developing, but we’ll continue to update as more information relating to it is released. (Author’s Note: a special thanks goes to LegacyKillaHD on YouTube, as some of this information wouldn’t have been uncovered if a video wasn’t posted earlier today).


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