Bitcoin “God” joins the list of bitcoin forked coins

“Make the world a better place: Bitcoin God” and on the 27th day god created bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency forks are trend now, it’s a method where developer can change the rules and update the source code. Once miners start mining the new software and all parties agrees to use the forked version, it becomes a currency.

First fork was bitcoin cash where core developers couldn’t agree to scale the original blockchain. A group of developers decided to write Bitcoin cash their own version of software.

What is “Bitcoin God” ?

Bitcoin God”, has the symbol of “GOD” on exchanges and it got hard forked activated at block height of 501,225 on midnight of 27th December, though initially it was set to launch at 25th without any pre-mining.
Describing this fork important bitcoin god promises to deliver complete self-monitored peer to peer network. 4 Million worth tokens will go to charity and rest 17 Million airdrop to existing BTC, NEO holders. Community votes   and decide on the ratio of airdrops, claiming to be a first egalitarian platform built over blockchain.

Bitcoin god developers promising to deliver features like smart contracts to make use of GOD as utility tokenlarger block size to solve network congestion. On the other hand, the consensus protocol based on proof of stake claiming to provide true decentralized approach in verifying and validating transaction. Lightning network to support real time trading activity with confidentiality of payments.

Where you can exchange your Bitcoin God coins?

The website of Bitcoin god listed multiple exchanges but other exchanges are only considering adding Bitcoin God various other sources suggested only hitbtc and yobit added the forked coin.

Roughly the network main net will come online in quarter of 2018. Getting support from various technical team including NEO (Chinese version of ETH).

According to its founder Chandler Guo,

“the coin wishes to give complete control back to the user and does not allow any pre-mining or additional token for mere profit.”

All these technical promises are far stretched only missing link is no technical description or clear roadmap defining how will they achieve it.

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