BetBetter – Web3.0 Crypto Casino

BetBetter: Leading Crypto Casino Solution Web 3.0

BetBetter aims to provide seamless, fun, profitable gaming experience on most EVM compatible networks, near, and terra networks.
Supported Tokens

BetBetter currently support BTC, ETH, Solana BSC, Polygon, OEC, AVAX, xDAI, etc. You can check the complete supported tokens on website. 
For Bitcoin, we support 0 confirmation deposit now as long as your fee is greater than 4.979 sat/b. Otherwise, deposit will be credited after 1 confirmation.

Core Tokens vs Community Tokens

Tokens are categorised as core tokens and community tokens. You can check the token type next to the your wallet balance in the header. Core tokens are mainstream tokens such as BTC, ETH, BNB, Matic, FTM and stablecoins. 
We also list tokens for other DEFI projects too. These are community tokens. 
For communities who are partnered with BetBetter, their tokens can have customised limits. For communities who do not have a will to work with us, their tokens are only supported for players who wanna try out our platform in order to protect the community. These tokens have lower bet limit and withdraw limit. Also, since most community tokens do not have good liquidity and high price volatility, their price is quoted on a 24-hr TWAP.

Withdrawal Limits

Core tokens: the default withdrawal limit for any core token is $10,000 worth per day unless otherwise indicated.
Community tokens: the default withdrawal limit for any community token is $1,000 worth per week unless otherwise indicated.
Withdrawal limits can be checked by clicking withdrawal button next to a specific token in wallet page. 



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