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Legion Network

The Cryptocurrency industry market cap sits at around 2 trillion dollars, so with this demand mass adoption is underway. Huge Businesses are realising how much more effective blockchain technology is for payment solutions.

What is the Legion Network?

The Legion Network is the worlds first crypto  which is powered for Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Creatives.

Legions Ecosystem is designed to Explore the endless possibilities of NFT’s ,Gaming,Rewards, and Business tools.

Legion Rewards

Yes unlike some crypto’s Legion also has a reward program called LGX Community Rewards you can win rewards by participating in Legion exciting range of Competition,Giveaways, Educational Courses,Etc. Every week new tasks are to be added,upon completion your are entered into a weekly raffle to win NFT’s and other prizes.

Legions App

Legions app is already available in the App Store And Google PlayStore but is currently still going thru early stage developments, but the good thing is they have Empower running which is an in app rewards program to learn all about Legions and earn LGX Tokens you’ll have to wait till March 1st to claim any LGX tokens yet, I think it’s always good to have a head start

LGX is still in its early adoption stage If you would like to do more research on The Legion Network here are some of their insights and social platforms. 

Join Legion Network


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