Webtalk – A new Social Media which pays in many different ways from last 12 Years


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I joined webtalk one year ago. Recently I analyzed it and here is my review of this new social media which pays in many different ways.

So far I discovered a lot of advantages which I will mention as follow:

1) It’s a networking tool.

To me it represents like a mixture of Facebook with Linkedin Features.

It has a great potential because you can connect with professionals from different part of the world.

You can filter them for example by a key world. For example, in my case I am very interested in meeting people with crypto background, so I type word crypto and there I have my search results.


You can do the same with other key words.

Once you Join WebTalk – Click Here, you shall complete your profile.

The profile looks very similar like a Linkedin account; you have to complete there your name, your website, your email, your social profiles, section of About, Language, experience and education.

Second thing you have to do is to follow 20 people.

Third, you have to connect your payment method, therefore it would be important to set up an account with Stripe, Payoneer or Paypal. New options are coming soon such as Webtalk credits, Coinbase, Transferwise.

2) It’s visual

I have seen a lot of social media platforms but they lack of the visual presentation which is extremely important for many of us.

You enter to the section of timeline and there you can do tons of things.


You have another platform where you can post your links, videos, photographs. So it looks a little like a Facebook render.

Below each post there are option of Like, Comment and Share.

3) Follow or Connect

You have option of Follow people, in case you aren’t comfy with any person you can also unfollow.

If you are interested in a determined person because of his professional background or networking you can connect.

You can group connections by adds to professional network or personal network.


 4) Direct communication with your contacts

Once you are connected, you can send a message.



Be only aware that some members don’t like to receive affiliate links by personal messages because it may be felt a little invasive. I prefer not to send them to anyone and if I promote them, I’d rather do it on my timeline.

5) Premium versions.

If you want to unlock more features of webtalk, you can pay for Pro Version, which costs 200 USD or Pro Platinum version which is 400 USD.

That is up to you if you go for it from the beginning or not. You are entitled to have more connections, incognito browsing, analytics, advanced search options


In case you wanna try it for free, there is 7 day Free trial version, the payments are allowed by credit or debit card. You can pay by monthly charge or annual plan.

6) Very complete 4 Tier-referral program.

One of my contacts Mr. Ng Yeo Nam from Singapore he has it perfectly explained in his timeline.

Most of us spend tons of time on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. My question is:

Do we get paid for that? Most of us don’t, unless we use them for networking, marketing or professional purposes. On webtalk you can earn in many different ways.

“Webtalk offers an amazing free rewards affiliate program that enables you to earn some fast cash as well as long-term residual monthly income.

You can enroll in the free rewards affiliate program to instantly start earning from your daily activity on Webtalk.

You earn

1. $5 Rewards Enrollment
For Simply Enrolling In The Free Rewards Affiliate Program

Follow the following 3 steps to complete your enrollment:

(A) Complete your profile up to 100%.

You can refer to the “PROFILE COMPLETION” meter for your status.

Click the “v” sign and you will see the list of items you must complete:

• Add your experience (+15%)
• Add your education (+15%)
• Upload your photo (+15%)
• Add a short bio (+20%)
• Follow 10 people (+20%)
• Add contact info (+15%)

(B) Enroll In The Free Rewards Affiliate Program and Sign The Affiliate Agreement To Agree To The Terms Of The Affiliate Program

(C) Link A Payment Account

You must link a payment account for receiving your commissions. Currently, there are three payment options available:

• Stripe
• Payoneer
• Paypal

More payment options will be made available in the future.

2. $5 Affiliate Referral Signup Bonus (Qualified Affiliate Referral)

You earn $5 for each referral you refer to Webtalk who has also enrolled in the free rewards affiliate program. You will be paid upon the respective affiliate receiving his first commission payment. As there is a minimum threshold of $100 for commission payment, in other words, you will be paid upon the respective affiliate receiving his first $100 or more commission payment.

3. 10% Commissions On Advertising Revenue
You And Your Referrals Help Generate Every Month

Members using Webtalk help generate advertising impressions, thus advertising revenue, you earn 10% commissions on advertising revenue you and your referrals help generate every month.

4. 10% residual commissions on PRO upgrade referrals

When your referrals upgrade to a PRO package, you earn 10% residual referral commissions

5. 10% commissions on all other referral purchase

All members are eligible to start earning commission on revenue they and their direct referrals help generate once they have enrolled in the free rewards affiliate program.

Recall that Webtalk also offers a bonus of 5-Level Commission Plan that enables qualified affiliates to also earn 10% commissions on revenue generated by the referrals of their referrals on the 2nd to the 5th level of their referral network.

The bonus helps qualified affiliates expand their referral network exponentially and multiply their residual monthly commission earnings.

The bonus is divided into four tiers. It has been designed to offer better rewards for affiliates who secured the bonus earlier. The first and second tiers of bonus of 5-level commission plan apply also to future revenue sharing streams to be added. The third tier of bonus of 5-level commission plan applies to two current revenue sharing streams, PRO referral revenue sharing and ad revenue sharing. The fourth tier of bonus of 5-level commission plan applies to ad revenue sharing only.

To qualify for the bonus, you need to refer just one PRO customer. Your own upgrade to a PRO package can also qualify you for the bonus.

If you are serious about building your online business with Webtalk, you would want to secure the bonus of 5-level commission plan as you can leverage it to expand your referral network and also multiply your residual monthly commission earnings.” ( https://get.webtalk.co/iamadil )

I think I wouldn’t be able to say it better than he does.

Now as you could see, you have different options to earn basically:

Remember every affiliate program has certain conditions and here are the most important ones:

In order that he/she becomes eligible referral, he/she needs to have also 20 referrals.

You can complete your first transfer of cash, once you complete 100 USD.

Remember to start referral business, you have to complete all conditions of enrollment, without them you cannot do anything.

You can earn from daily activity which is supplied from fund which comes from advertising income which is shared by points venue. These points are awarded daily and the value of these points is calculated at the end of each month.

If you refer new people, you earn 10% of these points.

You have option earn from sales of Pro or Pro Platinum packages. So you can do it your way.

New ways of future income are coming such as from games or from travel but they will be implemented in coming months.

7) You can expand the outreach of your content.

Now if you are on other social media, and you post on Publish0x, Hive, Minds, Reddit, Twitter, etc. This can become another way on how to connect with your audience, just sharing the link for example from Publish0x.

In my case what I do, I write an article on Publish0x or Leo.Finance then I share on Webtalk, I can share that link to Minds, Twitter, Noise.cash, Reddit, wherever I feel comfortable.

I personally like it because you can know a little better your contacts, see their background, interact with them and choose the kind of content that suits you.

I have heard from some of my contacts, that they don’t like to write articles because of their English skills or it may be difficult for them, so I think this is a great option for people who just want to share for example visual or video content.

 8. Do some engagement

If you get here and you want to try it, remember you should also do something for your team, followers. So it maybe a good idea to visit their profiles, like some of their posts. Put there some comments. Because once you do that action, they start earning also their daily rewards.

Many crypto enthusiasts make one big mistake, they post tons of content on many social media but they are totally disconnected from their audience. I am sorry guys, that is how it doesn’t work.

If you have 100 followers on Webtalk, you don’t have to visit all their profiles, but let’s say pick 10 per day and do some engagement, it doesn’t take that much time. They will feel appreciated on the long run and they will be able to see that you visited them on their profile.

9. Share other affiliate programs.

If you like other programs such as Minds, Publish0x and others, share them. Don’t keep them only for you.

I will be honest to all of you: 2 years ago, I really hated just the idea of any referral effort. I wasn’t into it. But then I started to build the base of my followers on different social media, and once I wrote one article, people sooner or later started to join to some programs.

It’s quite possible that you may find someone who may be interested in your referral program. The worst thing that can happen, is that people will say no, but you knocked at the door. Maybe it’s a no for now, but it maybe yes in the future.

  1. Join Webtalk

I checked it, evaluated it, it has a lot of benefits, three big conditions that you have to comply with. I personally think it’s a good idea to promote your company, your articles and get in touch with other people all around the globe.

If you like this proposal,  Join Webtalk and give it a try.


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