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 What is Presearch?

Presearch is a crypto search engine which you install on your Google Chrome as a plugin or on your mobile as an app. It is available for Android and for Iphones.

For every search you perform, you are given 0.10 PRE. At this moment you can get up to 30 paid searches, and earn up to 3 PRE per day. The value of PRE  given per each search is subjected to the auction of PRE in the market. It will likely decrease on the long run. There is a max supply of 500 million PRE, where there is already over 80% in circulation.

The price of Presearch has been very bullish since 2020. In December 2019, 1 PRE was around 0.01 USD, this week 1 PRE hit around 0.45 USD. The price is subject to altcoin market cycle waves, so we can see pretty big differential in price in the following days, it can go both ways.

If you sign up for Presearch from herePresearch – Come Join US

  your friend gets those 25 PRE credited immediately and you will get them as well after 2 months and after he/she earns at least 50 PRE.

 Isn’t it wonderful, to get rewarded for something you have to do on a daily basis?

You can set up Presearch for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube and other search engine providers. All of them you can customize on the toolbar located in

Searching on Presearch became my habit because I’ve seen that it pays off. I’ve seen them converted into my national fiat and I was able to use them to buy some gifts for my family and myself.

 Last month I had to pay some bills, and I was able to cash out my 1,000 PRE tokens for an estimated amount of 310 USD. So many people don’t believe it  perhaps until you see the results. And in my case I saw them in many occassions. I also earned very good percentages when I bought cheap PRE tokens and when I was able to sell them at the peak of bull cycles.

For me this has become a residual income, I can hodl it or exchange it. All my close relatives have it and it has become their funds for their birthdays.

Yesterday I told my fiancé, guess what, how much do you think that your Presearch worth?

She told me 20 USD, I told her: more. Then she told me, 50 USD. Finally I told her that the worth of her PRE reward account was around 500 USD. That could be a small trip for 2 days and 3 night in my country for example or food for my family for 2 weeks.

There is something called eligible tokens system. So let’s say, you are in level where you can pull out 70% of your tokens. Therefore you need to accumulate approximately 1,400 PRE in order to withdraw 1,000 PRE. This system is going to be changed too.

For the process of exchange you need to wire aprox. 17 USD to cover high ETH gas fees, and they provide you 3 options: ETH, USDT or BTC.

If you are a conservative person and you still don’t want to invest in cryptocurrencies, probably this is the safest way on how to start with cryptocurrencies, because you can earn them for free, hodl them, cash them out or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. In this case you don’t have to buy anything, only the ETH gas fee which you recover once you cash your tokens.

The only thing that I don’t recommend you: If the value of PRE were below 0.02 USD, don’t pull them out because the fee would kill your profit, better keep them on your rewards account and use them for keyword staking.

What I also liked about Presearch is that when there was a hacking problem on Kucoin Exchange, they replaced these tokens and all hodlers got them back. This just shows that this company cares for you.

There is another cool feature: 

Keyword Staking

There is also one cool thing why you should consider Presearch: keyword staking

If you are doing referrals, you can stake a keyword for a determined amount of  PRE tokens and make an ad, like the one you can do in expensive program of Google Adwords. You stake your PRE for that word, and your advertisement will be displayed still for free this year. If someone outbids your keyword, then your ad won’t be shown and you have to increase that amount for 100 PRE more or just change the keyword. So now I am participating on it, and if you want to boost your referrals, there’s your chance. If you are tired of staking, you can pause it and withdraw your PRE at any time you want.

My current plan with PRE tokens earning is to fund the sterilization campaigns for street dogs and cats in my country because there are many of them in bad conditions walking on the streets and if you want to adopt an animal, this is one of the first requirements for a new responsible owner.

Me and my wife, we participate in these programs, we would like to do much more, however it costs always something: the surgery, the food, gasoline; a minimum estimated amount of 45 USD per each animal. So every referral means a help for these animals on your behalf plus you are generating a new income.

The future value of PRE.

This week 1 PRE was between 0.35 to 0.47 USD. As cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, we can expect a wider range between 0.05 USD and 3 USD in the time lapse of the following 2 year period.

Remember you can trade Presearch on Coinex or Kucoin which are very friendly exchanges or on Uniswap; however I don’t like trading on Uniswap due to excessive high ETH gas fees, which weren’t solved nor by Ethereum or nor by Uniswap.

Presearch is a very trustworthy crypto referral program, I 100% endorse because I really had very good experience with it.


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