Cryptocurrency Investment Offer 2022

More Than 5000 Bitcoin Invested in 3 weeks, more than 8000 Bitcoin profit paid.

NO HYIP, NO MINING, NO FAKE. You are investing on Major Bitcoin Provider.

We’re happy to announce a new product – Blockchain Invest Fund, reliable platform for small and medium scale investments. Fund assets are diversified among emerging Forex positions at Blockchain Exchange. Deposits are risk-free insured by institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange.

Want to become a professional investor?

Our first short-term investment program starts today – GET 100% after 15 days.

Investment offer is active from 01 of January – 2022 12:00 PM Pacific until 25th of April-2022 12:00 PM.

Blockchain offers you a return of 100% for a 15 day period.

*You can deposit today from minimum 0.002360 ( 100$ ) Bitcoins – DogeCoin – ETH

*Maximum deposit amount per one person or legal entity is 0.002360 ( 100$ ) Bitcoins. That’s an astonishing opportunity to earn up to 0.004723 ( 200$ ) Bitcoin per 15 days if you invest 0.002360 ( 100$ )  Bitcoin.

Investors who want to apply and invest on Blockchain, please make a Bitcoin transfer to:

Bitcoin :- 14JwLyhYEQCatk8Epy5J2pyVFuSb7KRZnr

ETH :- 0x12B6ff77BAE5e6DA3f7Db9617afB2FcAA99B1aEE

DogeCoin :- DJwfoPP6WrVWMFoMP2E3ByofRSKNcbHeoY

XMR :- 477katpzomvSifoRvaibxbDMVyrFaiRkZ8U8eNzcLSVoVy4ZqLkvMJGJSjS5aHtFoyEhPW9tvZYqu9Tey9NMtwk4Tvj4qwZ

We will return your initial deposit with dividends within 15 days at 12:00 AM Pacific Time.

(for example: investing 0.002360 ( 100$ ) Bitcoins today (13 of February, 2022) will return 0.004723 ( 200$ ) Bitcoins in 28 of Februrary, 2022 at 12:00 AM ;Pacific Time)

Profits are withdrawn without any delay and Blockchain waives all fees for 1st level investments.

To trace your investment please send an email to, and in subject put your bitcoin address. The bitcoin address must be the same as you used to invest. If you put in the email one bitcoin address you not used to make investments, you will not receive an email with your status. If you submit a correct e-mail with a correct address bitcoin (the same you used to make the investment), you will receive an email with the total bitcoin invested and the date and time your payment will be made.

Hurry up! This is a limited, one-time opportunity.

ATTENTION: The payment will be made to same Bitcoin address you used to invest. Don’t send direct from a exchanger, because when we make the payout, it will back to exchanger and you can’t trace it. We recomend to you open a account at add fund to your wallet account, and from this wallet send the bitcoin to our Investment Bitcoin account.

Kind regards,


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