FreeBitcoin – Win Free Bitcoin Every Hour – Legit review legit or scam 2015

What Is FreeBitcoin?
This website is simply a bitcoin faucet, a faucet is webiste where you can earn free bitcoins. It allows its registered members to earn a small amount of bitcoin just by playing their game of chance. You simply “roll” it and get a chance to earn bitcoin each and everytime you hit the right number from 0 – 10,000. You’ll get the lowest prize most of the time since the bracket winnings of it is the most abundant number. The bigger the prize, the fewer number it has in the bracket.

Too huge bracket of chance but the good part of it is that you can roll the game each and every hour. The more you roll the more chances of getting the prize up to 0.6 Bitcoin!

How to Register?
The sign-up process is pretty simple and quick. Fill up the form and type your BitCoin wallet and you will be redirected to their website instantly. Be sure to fill up your wallet information correctly. To register, please go to or you can accept my humble invitation by clicking here.

The Game
Every hour you will be notified to claim your BTC. Then you will be taken into a captcha, after that you will be asked to roll then a winning number will show the result. To know how much you’ve earned from the roll, you need to check the chart shown on the website.

0 – 9885 – lowest winnings (ranges from 0.00000654 BTC)
9886 – 9985
9986 – 9993
9994 – 9997
9998 – 9999
10,000 – highest winnings (ranges from 0.6535 BTC)

The only problem to that is that the winnings is adjusted depends on how much the bitcoin value is. So meaning it can be bigger to these amount or lower. Free lotto tickets is also distributed each roll so you can double your chance for bigger jackpot.

Is it really a fair game?
For me no since I am now getting too busy having sales on other sites which converts my time to much fair money than this. But it’s free. So if you have free time why not roll right? Cannot replace your normal job. Can be an extra income.

Good Part
Things we do like about the site.

  • Referral Program
    Inviting members and having them registered under you can give you greater chance of raking decent money on! Imagine one of your referral wins the highest prize?! They offer 50% referral commission. Good at this? This is a good news for you!
  • Free
    Nothing beats free stuffs. An extra source of money.
  • Fast Registration
    You only need your BTC wallet and an email address. That’s it!
  • Automatic and Manual Withdrawals
    If you want no hustle, you can just enable the automatic withdrawal and get paid.

Bad Part
Things we do not like about the site.
  • Somewhat waste of time
    Each roll with a lowest price, based on my calculation, it can only give you $0.002 so multiply that to how many times you can roll (24 max each day). Unless you are a very lucky person who can hit the jackpot in a short period of time or has the ability to refer thousands of people on the site and let others do the money for you. That’s a big money tho.
  • Ads Dependent
    They depend on ads. So if Google Adsense decide to take down their publisher’s account, it will be the end of the site.
  • Heavy Advertisements
    Too much advertisements on the website. Sometimes i feel like I am in a free ad listing site. That’s no good to SEO.


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