Freeskins – The best way to make money online – Instant Cashouts (Free PayPal, Bitcoin & more)

  The best way to make money online in 2021 (New Website)

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What is FreeSkins ?

FreeSkins is a GPT (Get Paid To) site that has put their focus on having the best payouts, a clean design, an active support, featured offers (offers that have reliable payouts) & international signups. As you can see the site tries to be very user-friendly. Cashing out has been made super user-friendly as well with 0% fee crypto withdrawals starting from just $0.01 & PayPal.

There’s unlimited earning potential by completing short 5-10 minutes 800 coins surveys from Your Surveys. I’ve also personally compared a few offers between several GPT sites and can confirm FreeSkins had the highest payouts in most cases.

If you register via this link or enter the promotional code ‘beermoneyforum’ you start of with 100 coins. reviews.png 

High Paying Surveys, Offers, Games, Tasks

FreeSkins focuses on offers and surveys. 1000 coins = $1.00.

  • Unlimited $0.80 surveys from Your Surveys which only take 5-10 minutes
  • Offer walls: Adgem, AdGateMedia, AdscendMedia, OfferToro
  • Survey providers: Your Surveys, RevenueWall, Theorem Reach
  • Claim a daily bonus
  • Leaderboard that pays out the top 15 earners EVERY day ($30+) & EVERY month ($300+)
  • 24/7 support

How to withdraw your earnings?

The withdrawal options are quite amazing. There’s so many options I would be surprised if there are people who have trouble to cash out.

  • Bitcoin starting from $0.01 (10 coins) with 0% fees
  • Ethereum starting from $0.01 (10 coins) with 0% fees
  • PayPal starting from $5 (5000 coins)
  • Skins for CS:GO starting from $1.02 (1020 coins)
  • V-Bucks to spend in the game Fortnite starting from 1000 V-Bucks/$10 (10000 coins)
  • Steam gift cards starting from $6 (6000 coins)
  • Amazon gift cards (Germany, Canada, UK, USA) starting from $5 (5000 coins)
  • VISA prepaid cards

Payment proof


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