Torum – Revolutionary Social Media Platform – Earn Daily XTM Tokens


TORUM is a revolutionary social media platform designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users.
TORUM is a new Ethereum based social media site that allows you to earn cryptocurrency posting, commenting, and interacting with the community.


XTM is an ERC-20 utility token that acts as the payment medium for various features and functionalities, serving as the backbone of TORUM’s ecosystem.

How to earn XTM

1. Missions

  • Daily

    • Like 5 Posts or Threads  (Hit on the LIKE button to spread positive vibes!)
    • Comment on 3 Posts or Threads (Start interacting with contents that’ve grabbed your attention!)
    • Spread a Post or Thread on your Feed (Spread interesting stuff to your followers!)
    • Create a Post (Share your thoughts through texts or images!)
    • Create a Thread (Post anything relevant to your clan as long as it is interesting!)
    • Daily Login (Login to TORUM at anytime of the day!)
  • Weekly

    • Stay Active For 7 Days Consecutively (Maintain your login spree for a week and stay connected with everyone!)
    • Acquire 50 Followers (Build your fame and virality with creative contents across TORUM!)
  • One-Time

    • Follow “X nr.” Users or Companies (Spice up your news feed by following more users or companies!)
    • Accumulate “X nr.” Followers (Spice up your news feed by following more users or companies!)
    • Accumulate “X nr.” Shards (Accumulate your Shards by receiving gifts through content creation!)

  • Special

    • Invite a Friend!

      • Invite your friends to join TORUM and become their mentor! The journey to build a worldwide crypto space begins with you!
      • Both of you will receive 75 XTM as reward!

2. Gifts

  • Your quality post/thread can be supported by other members with XTM

3. Referral

TORUM is only a few months old but already crossed the 10,000 users mark.

The community is getting bigger and bigger day by day.

If you join today and verify your account using this link you will receive 75 XTM tokens for free


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