FaucetCrypto – Legit

Things have been quiet on the RollerCoin front and I did an update on Splinterlands just the other day so I thought I’d do a write up about another Faucet I’ve been using – similar to Cointiply.  I’ve been using it a little while but I stopped for a bit but I’ve been back with it the last week or so.

So the faucet’s name is Faucet Crypto so first things first – Feel free to just go to their website but if this interests you I’d be very happy if you joined up with my referral link:


So what is FaucetCrypto’s proposition – see the image below…


Similar to Cointiply, this is a site that has a faucet, allows you to do offers and shortlinks, view PTC ads and similar activities in order to get their coins. I’ll run through these below:

  • Faucet – You can operate a faucet every 25 minutes which gets you (as of today) 17.50 (plus extra depending on your “level”) of their coins.  It just takes a quick captcha (not Google Recaptcha thank goodness!) and a short wait to get the coins – if you do the math in 24 hours you could get about 1,000 coins just by doing every faucet claim you could not that I advocate giving up sleep for that!)
  • Daily reward – You can get a small amount of coins once per day just for logging in and claiming them;
  • Shortlinks – there is a selection of the usual shortlinks giving you 10 – 30 coins per link (and this can be increased as you “level up” see below);
  • PTC ads – there is a selection of PTC ads that you can do each day;
  • Offerwalls – the usual suspects though, at least where I log in from, there aren’t as many as Cointiply;
  • A level up system whereby your earnings for all the other things goes up by 0.125% per level with no level cap (but of course it gets harder to level up as you get higher….)
  • An item system whereby random “items” can drop or be claimed from the challenge system which can increase your coin/experience gains or shorten the various timers on things;
  • A challenge system (basically a daily/ongoing task system such as get so many faucet claims done or X amount of offers etc) to get rewards of coins and items.
  • Like most sites there’s a referral system (my link should you want to use it is – faucetcrypto but just go to their site if you want too.

The above list probably covers the site – I don’t guarantee that its everything but its the key things.

So that’s the site in a nutshell and you’re probably wondering what about getting a payout and why did I stop using it and why did I start again.

Lets go over withdrawing first

  • The minimum withdrawal is only 1000 coins (with a value of around 1 BTC satoshi to every 10 coins depending on the current BTC rate.  This means around 100 BTC satoshi per withdrawal and the best thing is you can get 1000 coins in just a day or two easily without offers  by just doing shortlinks, faucets and PTC ads.  It gets easier as you level too.  So big PLUS for FaucetCrypto here.;
  • Withdrawing is quite easy – they have over 14 currencies to choose from which is very flexible, however the downside is that some only allow withdrawal to FaucetPay (I’ll post about them later) or other specific wallets and some allow Direct to wallet withdrawals.  For reference BTC is only via FaucetPay. Somewhat a plus here as easy withdrawals are great but FaucetPay had an issues which is partly why I stopped using Faucet Crypto for a bit);
  • I should note that withdrawal to FaucetPay is for all intents and purposes instant which is awesome).  Also a PLUS but as I mentioned above FaucetPay isn’t a bad thing but there were some issues).

I can personally attest to the fact that yes they do pay out, and I’ve received deposits both to personal wallet and to FaucetPay from them.


So if Faucet Crypto is so good with this why did I stop using them.  Well it all related to FaucetPay – it got hacked in March and some accounts were compromised – Faucet Pay twitter (Hack notice).

This kind of scared me off using them and FaucetCrypto (as I had only signed up to FaucetPay to withdraw from Faucet Crypto.  However after seeing a couple of reviews around and videos etc in the last month I’ve started using both sites again and they seem stable and safe and as you can see from the extract above I’ve been getting a bit out of Faucet Crypto without any trouble.

So to sum up:

  • I love the low withdrawal limit on FaucetCrypto – it really makes you feel like you’re earning some crypto!
  • I love the fact you can earn coins quite quickly and combined with the low withdrawal limit you can probably withdraw ever day or two depending on what you do just by doing the quick free and easy tasks!
  • I did get worried when FaucetPay (the microwallet) got hacked but it seems stable now and I’m very happy with it

I hope you’ve found the above informative and that you might want to give Faucet Crypto a go for some pretty easy to get crypto!  As always I’d love it if you used my referral link (faucetcrypto) but you can always go to their main site and register directly.  


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