Farming in DCrops and earning CROP Tokens

 Most of you probably heard the news but a new game has premiered on Hive blockchain.

I am talking about @dcrops, a farming sumulation game and in this blog I am gonna share my thoughts about it as well as show you how things work in there

claiming my first crop 1.jpg

It’s been 4 days since the first-ever DCrops season started and I have already planted,harvested and sold my very first crops.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to plant your seeds in the plots of land you own, harvest them once they are ready and sell them for SHARES.

Each land and seed card has different attributes according to its rarity! For example, take a look these 3 cards


Χωρίς τίτλο.png


There is no limitation as to in which plot you’ll plant your seeds meaning that you can plant a common seed at a legendary plot and a legendary seed at a common plot. It all comes down to strategy and what cards you own in this game.

For example, I’ve planted the common seeds “Broccoli” and “Kale” at a rare plot of Land and damn, my “Broccoli” is actually ready!

Orange Clock icon : Ready to harvest
Green Clock Icon : Not Ready to harvest yet

crop ready.png

Selling your Crops and Leaderboard

After you harvest your crops go to your invetory, click on “sell all” and boom, you just got your first SHARES.
my first crop brocoli 3.png

If you want to check out how you’re doing against other farmers this season the just click on “PLAY” and scroll to the bottom.

There you can view various info like your season ranking, your Shares and how much CROP tokens you’re gonna earn at the end of the season.

crop tokens.png

How to start playing DCrops

In order to play DCrops, you are gonna need 2 things. A Hive account and some cards.

You can create a Hive account by clicking on the link bellow (ref link)

As for the cards, the only way to get some right now is to buy them with $HIVE directly from other players in the DCrops market ( since all 10,000 Alpha were sold in 2 days.

More packs will be available in the near future but until then it is what it is. The early bird gets the worm hehehe!

You can catch up with the latest DCrops news at their official blog

Enjoy playing and happy farming


Thank you all for your support

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog and learnt something new today! Hive ecosystem is HUGE so if you want me to cover any other topics leave a comment bellow and I’ll try my best.

As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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